Pre-Road Trip Checklist

Every safe road trip should begin with scheduling a car checkup and most preferable at Causeway Ford. This is true because every season has a different road condition, and each trip will add stress to certain parts of the vehicle not challenged by everyday driving in Manahawkin, NJ. Additionally, you should have all of your scheduled maintenance performed at this point even if these maintenance features are not yet due. This includes oil changes and other fluid checks as well as windshield wipers.

Tune ups should especially be made at this point. Weak batteries may continue to perform in less than adverse conditions, but this important part will immediately malfunction when faced colder or hotter conditions. Because of this, inspection of the battery should also be a major part of the checkup. Replacing the battery at your checkup visit in our service center here at Causeway Ford ensures that your car will perform when you need it most.

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