Don't Fall Victim to a Title-Washed Used Car with Secret Hurricane Damage

Did you know that 1 in every 87 used cars in New Jersey is title-washed according to

Title washing is a nefarious, though not always strictly illegal, practice of taking a car that should have a branded title—for example, a car that was underwater for half a week during Hurricane Harvey and should have a flood title—and sending it to different states, which have different titling requirements, until it has jumped through enough loopholes for the title to be washed clean.

Suddenly, a car that ought to be sold as scrap to a junkyard is being sold to you, and you have no idea that it's rusting from the inside out.

With Hurricane Irma hot on the heels of Harvey, there will be a lot of new fodder for this scheme, so follow these tips to avoid being duped:

  • Never buy a used car without inspecting it first.
  • Have a mechanic look at it, or check it yourself for mud in engine compartments, malfunctioning electronics, mildew smells, stained carpeting, and rust.
  • Look at the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. CARFAX is currently opening its flood database to the public for free.
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