Polite & Powerful: The Ford 2018 Mustang GT is a Car For Every Kind of Road

When you're on the highway, life can become a blur. There's only the road ahead of you, the thump of the radio and, of course, the roar of your engine.

Things slow down when you're driving in neighborhoods. Things become less about speed and power and more about common courtesy. That roaring engine that was so much fun on the open road? You'll find less appreciation for it here.

Ford knows you want to be a good neighbor. That's why the 2018 Ford Mustang GT will have some convenient "Quiet" features to help offset the power of its 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine.

Let's say you're leaving early for a trip. You can switch on the GT's Quiet Start mode and dull the engine's start-up growl so your neighbors can't hear it. If you're likewise looking for a way to keep quiet while driving the local streets, Quiet Exhaust mode delivers. When it's active, the valves on the GT's engine stay closed, minimizing your audible engine sounds to more considerate decibel levels.

If the 2018 Mustang GT sounds like a car you'd like in your life, get in touch with Causeway Ford. The staff of our Manahawkin, NJ location can tell you more about the new Mustang, it's 2017 predecessor, and the rest of our inventory of new Ford cars.

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